After a sleep innovation or two, sleep deprivation is a thing of the past

This short introspective but informational note is specifically for the attention of those of you who are finding it very difficult to sleep at night these days. If you are getting any sleep at all, it’s not been a good one and the next morning you are feeling as though you never slept at all. Tired to the bone, in fact. Your boredom as a result of endless nights of counting sleep has not led you to drop off either. Neither has the counting of the world’s cities.

Your inability to concentrate only got you as far as, well, you’re still stuck on A. this article’s core message, an encouraging one, is the introduction to a sleep innovation or two that will deem sleep deprivation to be something of a historical event of the past. You will be making personal history by the time you have adopted these two innovations yourself, wondering, well, there will be no more wondering, because you will be sound asleep.

These two sleep innovations are in the form of your old mattress and pillow, in the figurative sense, two essential accoutrements for getting a good night’s sleep. But they are vastly different and superior from what you have been used to putting up with up to now. Now there are no more fluffed up feather filled pillows, nor are there soft and shallow mattresses to painfully sink your back into. These mattresses and pillows are firm and yet so comfortable.

They have been scientifically and software developed, designed and manufactured. They are heavily influenced by the principles of ergonomics for the back and neck and the biometrical shaping of the human body while it sleeps.