Make sure your beats for sale stay legal

beats for sale

The moment you pen your own lyrics or poetic words, it is your own property. You are the sole owner of future rights to the song that’s going to be produced from these original lyrics. It can, of course, happen that you’ve been inspired by previous classic artists or even the great poets throughout the ages. You have creative license to use previous works of art, but you know, of course, that you have to alter your lyrics so that future listeners and readers can clearly see that these words are original and entirely of your own making.

If you’re going to apply your own voice to those beats for sale, your listeners need to hear this. You cannot lift the voice of a previous master or orator. The moment you purchase beats, they become yours too, even if you’ve been provided with professional production help to help create a saleable sound to popular radio networks who like the sound of things, if you will. You can also download beats for free.

But these beats won’t be yours entirely. What is happening here is something you should truly appreciate, seeing as though you’re a struggling artist yourself. Your free downloads come with voice tags. These are for nonprofit organizations and for demonstration use only. But consider this good production practice and a good learning curve for you. Working and collaborating with professional and experienced producers helps you to create funky sound beats that will eventually reach the ears of the mass markets.

Should you wish to profit from your free downloads, you’ll have to purchase a license. That makes the work you produced, with or without help, your own. It’s affordable and well worth it.