Ligandrol only needs ten milligrams to intensify muscle build up

Based on the scientific studies and research concluded, that is the fact. Up to ten milligrams of Ligandrol or LGD-4033 (the clinical expression of this safe to use compound) is all that is required to intensify the necessary daily intensification of muscle building exercises, if you will. The scientific studies revealed that during a bodybuilding program of three weeks duration, more or less, a daily intake of on one milligram of Ligandrol could lead to an escalation of muscle build up of approximately one and a half kilogram mass.

They also discovered that the convention among their test subjects was to subject themselves to ten milligrams per day. Resultantly, they discovered that muscle build ups were more intense. Noticeable effects were more prominent among female body builders who were only ingesting three milligrams of LGD per day. They have, however, made the point that female users should be aware that restandrogenity could be more pronounced among their sex.

But this does not mean that they are now ingesting illegal substances such as anabolic steroids. Whether male or female, it is recommended that muscle builders utilize the accompanying Ligandrol (also known as Sarms) products available to gain the best effects. It is also advised that serious weight lifters and other sportsmen and women not rely entirely on these substances. A healthy, balanced diet, focusing on protein content, is still required.

Further motivations for serious-minded sportsmen and women is that they remain disciplined and responsible in the approach they need to ensure their best sporting results. Those who are overweight and generally inactive at this time need to consult with their medical practitioners before embarking on a weight loss regime using these compounds.